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100W 800L/H Solar WaterPump

100W 800L/H Solar WaterPump

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  • Solar-Powered Water Feature: Bring ambient beauty to your outdoor space with this solar water pump kit. Running solely on renewable solar energy, it circulates up to 800L/H to create lovely fountains, pond waterfalls, or water features.
  • High-Efficiency Brushless Pump: The brushless DC motor design allows for ultra-quiet operation and excellent energy efficiency. With low power Draw of just 10-50W, it runs for hours on the included solar panel.
  • Durable Submersible Pump: Built with high-quality materials, the submersible pump body is made to withstand continuous outdoor use. The dry-run protection prevents damage if water levels get too low.
  • Versatile Solar Panel: The monocrystalline solar panel provides up to 20V open-circuit voltage and 18V power voltage from direct sunlight. At only 435x200x3mm, it blends in nicely with surrounding landscapes.
  • Easy Outdoor Installation: This all-in-one kit includes the solar pump, panel, tubing, stakes and everything needed for simple assembly. Just place the panel in a sunny spot and immerse the pump for an instant water feature.

Transform your garden, courtyard or pond into a serene oasis with the calming sights and sounds of flowing water, powered sustainably by the sun. This low-maintenance, eco-friendly solar pump is an ideal addition for homeowners seeking water decor without high energy costs.


Power under normal conditions: 10-50W
Open circuit voltage (v): 20V
Power voltage (mpp): 18v
Short circuit current (isc): 0.89A
High power current (impp): 0.65A
Output: USB DC type c
Standard test conditions


Note: Does not include batteries, batteries need to be configured by oneself

100W 800L/H Brushless Solar Power Water Pump Set Ultra-quiet Submersible Water Pump Motor Fish Pond Garden Fountain Decoration

Product Information

Silicon wafer type: polysilicon
Three quantities of solar panels: 290g
Battery: 75g (empty)
Water volume: 216g
Solar panel size: 435 * 200 * 3mm
Packaging size: 460 * 215 * 40mm
Packaging quantity: 800g
Origin: Shenzhen Pine
Battery from 1 * Water system

There is a certain difference in manual measurement of dimensions.

The product is not powered and can be used as a general