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POWLSOJX Solar Charge Controller

POWLSOJX Solar Charge Controller

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Precision Lead-Acid Battery Charging

Our intelligent controller is tailor-made for a range of lead-acid batteries (including open, sealed, gel, etc.). It's specifically engineered to avoid compatibility issues and is not suitable for charging other battery types like lithium or nickel-metal hydride.

Advanced Battery Management System

Featuring an industrial microcontroller, our device automatically detects 12V and 24V systems, employing a three-stage PWM charging process to enhance battery longevity. Intelligent protections against overcurrent, short-circuit, reverse, low voltage, and overcharge safeguard your system's operational integrity.

Intuitive LCD Interface

Keep tabs on your solar system with a clear LCD display that provides real-time monitoring and data. Benefit from versatile control options including light and time control functions, with the added convenience of memory retention for user settings, even after a power outage.

Dual USB Convenience

Equipped with two USB outputs (5V/2.5A max each), our controller allows you to directly charge your mobile devices, ensuring your electronics stay powered without needing additional adapters.

Compact and Efficient Installation

The controller's compact dimensions (133mm x 70mm x 35mm) allow for easy placement in a variety of settings, offering a space-saving solution without sacrificing performance.

Unmatched Support and Assurance

Powlsojxd stands behind its products with a 12-month warranty and lifetime technical support, offering unrivaled customer service and a worry-free ownership experience.

Is Smart Device no Maximum Current 30A
Model Number RBL Application Thermal Controller,Charger Controller,Solar System Controller,Solar Working Station
Brand Name POWLSOJX Origin Mainland China
Certification CE,FCC

Note: This controller is only suitable for various lead-acid batteries (including openings, seals, gels, etc.), please do not use it to charge other batteries (including lithium batteries, nickel-metal hydride batteries, etc.)

【Efficient Battery Management】
The built-in industrial microcontroller can automatically recognize 12V and 24V battery systems, and the three-stage PWM charging helps to extend battery life. Additionally, the controller has intelligent protection features for overcurrent, short circuit, reverse, low voltage, and overcharge, which ensures that the system runs safely and efficiently.

【Convenient Monitoring and Control】
The LCD display allows for easy monitoring of the status and data of the solar energy system, and the controller offers light control and time control functions. You can easily adjust the load mode as needed, and the controller remembers various user settings, eliminating the need to reset it if the battery is depleted.

【Dual USB Outputs】
The controller features dual USB outputs of 5V/2.5A (max), making it convenient to charge mobile phones, tablets, and PCs.

【Space-Saving Design】
This product is compact, with a size of 133mm x 70mm x 35mm, making it easy to install in a variety of locations without taking up too much space.

【Warranty and Technical Support】
All Powlsojxd's products come with a 12-month warranty and lifetime technical support, ensuring that customers receive reliable assistance and peace of mind.

The LCD display keeps you informed of status and data. You can also easily switch modes and parameter configurations, and you can use the controller in different places such as home, industry, and business. Built-in over current protection, short circuit protection, reverse polarity protection, open circuit protection, automatic recovery, and no damage to the controller, providing reliable protection for your equipment.
*The reverse order applies when deinstalling!
*An improper sequence order can damage the controller!
*All red color voltage X2, while using 24V system.
*This solar controller is not waterproof, please install it indoor or out of the rain

There are optional 10A 20A 30A model:

battery(12V): the max solar panel input is 25V 120W
battery(24V): the max solar panel input is 50V 240W

battery(12V, the max solar panel input is 25V 240W
battery(24V, the max solar panel input is 50V 480W

battery(12V): the max solar panel input is 25V 360W
battery(24V): the max solar panel input is 50V 720W

battery(12V): the max solar panel input is 25V 520W
battery(24V): the max solar panel input is 50V 1040W