What to Consider When Buying Portable Solar Panels

flexible portable solar panel

Portable solar panels provide renewable power on the go for RVs, boats, camping, and emergency use. With many panel options available, here are key factors to consider when picking the right portable solar solution:

Output Power

  • Determine how much power you need to charge devices, run appliances or for battery charging capacity. Higher output panels provide more power but at increased cost.


  • If hiking or traveling by vehicle, consider a panel's weight and size. Foldable and rollable panels maximize portability.


  • Examine solar cell casing, weather sealing, and impact resistance for durable outdoor performance. Waterproof and dustproof ratings add protection.


  • More efficient panels convert a higher percentage of sunlight into usable electricity. Look for monocrystalline panels.

Battery Capacity

  • For solar generators or kits, battery storage capacity affects runtime. Lithium-ion offers lightweight and higher density capacity.

Charge Controllers

  • These regulate power flow for safe charging. Look for controllers matched to the panel's voltage and with smart features like LED indicators.


  • Multiple charge ports like USB, 12V car plug, 110V AC and power tool plugs increase flexibility.

Do your solar power needs assessment first, then use these criteria to select the ideal portable solar panels or kits from www.carrysolar.com!

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